Quesos Canal

Did you know ...?

  • peñaflor cheese
    ... each raw milk cheese is original?

    Each raw milk cheese is original, because the bacterial flora varies from region to region and between animal species.

    The taste of a raw milk cheese always evokes images of the region from which it originates.

  • ... there are currently more than 100 different varieties of cheese?

    There are currently more than 100 different varieties of cheese, included in the "Catalogue of Cheeses from Spain" and 26 Designations of Origin.

  • ... combine good cheese board ...

    Ideally, a good cheese board should display at least 5 types. The more varieties, the more sensations to be discovered. Tasting always starts with the gentler flavours and ends with the most intense, because the palate adapts to the flavour intensity. Once it has been exposed to an intense flavour, it will not be able to respond to a more delicate one and will not recognise its real flavour.