Quesos Canal


New goat cheese
Julio 2016


Quesos Canal, has expanded its portfolio launching a new reference under the banner "CANAL COLECCIÓN" brand that will market all new references that do not belong to its classic range. The new goat cheese from raw milk, is in addition to the family a specialty CANAL more within strategic planning will continue growing in the coming years.

Cheeses made from raw milk, whether cow, sheep or goat, are one of the leading protagonists of the gastronomic revolution through Spain a few years ago. Raw milk offers more intense flavors, more buttery, personality and more acidity. Although experts argue that all cheeses are good, pasteurized milk does not offer as much complexity emphatic flavors and nuances. For this reason, it is said that raw milk cheeses are living things that help conserve the scenery and the cheese is a food that speaks, perhaps more than any other, the landscape that has been raised. Available in format of 3 kg and 1 kg, and with maturities of 120 days for the superior format and 60 days for the small.